Miles To Morning

Dan Mock - Miles to Morning1. Ragged Mile (3:30) itunes
2. Everywhere Strength (2:44) itunes
3. Crowded Room (3:28) itunes
4. She Was Alone (3:57) itunes
5. Song For Danko (4:40) itunes
6. Storm on the Horizon (4:51) itunes
7. Come and Go Blues (4:29) itunes
8. House on the Hill (1:58) itunes
9. Feel it in the Morning (3:46) itunes


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Produced by Aaron Comeau
Mixed by Joshua Van Tassel
Recorded at Boxcar Studios by Ben Somer and Mountalan Sound Studio by Tim Bovaconti
Additional engineering by Aaron Comeau, Dan Mock, and Braden Sauder
Mastered by Reuben Ghose at Mojito Mastering

Photography by Ian Kuba
Cover Design and Layout by Spencer Good

All songs by Dan Mock except #6 by Greg Allman

Dan Mock: Lead Vocals, electric guitar (1,2,3,4,6,9), acoustic guitar (2,5,7), double bass (1,2,3)
Aaron Comeau: Electric bass, mandolin, accordian, electric guitar (5)
James McKie: Electric guitar (1,7), violin, viola
Kyle Sullivan: Drums
Roman Tomé: Percussion
Kristin Cavoukian: Harmony Vocals (2,5,9)
Kenny Neal Jr: Programming loops (3)
Alan Zemaitis: B3 Organ (6,7,9), piano (9)
Chris Van Sickle: Piano (4)
Graham Howes: Piano (9)
Jerry Leger: Acoustic Guitar (5)
Michael Eckert: Pedal Steel (5)
Danny Simmons: Harmony vocals (9)
Rebecca Everett: Harmony Vocals (9)

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